How to write in the blog

At the beginning of making a blog, we (may) feel there is a strong spirit to create a good blog, in the hope that will get the attention of many visitors (especially with what we really want to make google adsense). Select the server from starting a blog on wordpress, blogspot, multiply, or the other, looking for a template, to provide aksesories on the side bar. Finally finished our blog.

But after that ....
We feel bored or confused what would fill our blog now. We look forward to writing a good article. Sometimes we have ideas but do not be afraid to write any posts as we are not interesting, even the idea appears to alternate ideas first and forget the new ideas we have not had time to submit.

So also with me, I want to write but I do not want to know what to write now ... I finally just like this .... which can be important for the article on the blog. so that when there is a visit to my blog that he knew my blog is not dead. who know the love of a comment or feedback ...., or at least practice the skills of the hands and the way we thought to write a post.

already four paragraphs .... I try to practice what is suggested by fatihsyuhud:

So, for those who had difficulty in writing a blog, can I also tried this recipe: create a plan to write in one paragraph only. If it happens that one paragraph is correct, it's nevermine just Posted. And avoid long intend to make any posts that nerve and brain you do not overextend.