Preparation before using the internet

The need for access to information through the Internet at this time have become very important. This can be seen starting from some element recommend to use the internet, such as teachers and even students in basic education. Moreover, equipment such as modems and network services more affordable.

But there are several things that must be prepared, when we use the internet.

1. Faulty anti-virus. According to me, one of the anti-virus which is quite good and not to burden the computer is working Antivir. But do not forget to always update the

2. Installation of a firewall, used to ensure that the computer not be penetrated by those who intend evil. the firewall for windows is:

press star / control panel / windows firewall, and
enable the check as below

When we feel out of the default windows firewall with this we can use a software firewall. During this time I use pc tools firewall plus free download that can be in but there are some settings that I have not had time to write here.

3. deepfreeze installation, this is a computer program to freeze us, so that when the virus accidentally, when restarting the computer will become normal again. But if we are not careful can also lose data files. Deepfreeze installation is usually done when we update anti-virus lazy. by: ericjogja