Tips to be approved by google adsense

Tips to be approved by google adsense is a tip that should be known by the bloggers who want their blogs to join google adsense. I write these tips in connection with many visitors from search engines come to my post about adsense some time ago.
To be able to join google adsense, the first time is to make the blog with the following conditions: 

  1. Using the English language. 
  2. It's better for you if your blog has a clear topic. 
  3. Make a post on a regular basis, at least once a week. 
  4. Contents blog is an expression of your own mind, not a copy and paste from other people's blogs, 
  5. Do not rush to register your blog to google adsense,  wait after your blog 3-month-old and the number of articles about 15 to 20 articles 
  6. Would be better for you if while waiting for three months you use the time to blog walking, visit your friend's blog. and provide comments. Because the blog walking can bring visitors to your blog or backlink. At least the owners of blogs that you have visited you will visit again.
  7. Good luck
  8. If not successful do not be discouraged, you can try again the following month.
These little tips from me about preparing to register a blog to google adsense. may be useful. regard