How to remember the keywords

All those who frequently use the Internet is always to create a keyword. Start from the entrance to the email, go to the blog, go to social networks and others.

Sometimes because of too many keywords to make, we often forget the key words that have made us and sometimes we do not succeed to log in as we enter the keyword

To avoid this, I use the following simple way

Make a list of keywords in the email. save all your keywords in the email and always add every time you create a new keyword.

Another way is to always use the digits 3-4 (we always remember that) and followed by a text description example is ;
keyword for google: xyzgoogle
keywords to yahoo: xyzyahoo
keywords friendster: xyzfriendster
blogcatalog: xyzblogcatalog

This is tip from me i hope
with this tips can facilitate the activities in the use of internet.
is this tips is useful to you?
if you feel this tips useful for you, you can re-create this post, but with the source ,
regard ericjogja