Create a post using the english language

After some time I have made a post with the indonesian language,
now I will try to make a post with the English language.

Why I do this ? I have several reasons,
The first reason is as I've posted yesterday.

The second reason,
In my opinion, one of the goals of creating a blog is to communicate with the outside world . So it will be good for me when can communicate using language, that people can understand, that is the English language.

But in my opinion, better for me to try rather than not try at all. I always believe with practice then certainly I will be able to. In this case I received support from a friend One Muslim
just say no no to your worry, even if your grammar proved wrong, spinning, upside down etc, people will still come in if they found your blog is sort of nice, imformative (from their own view). Just makesure your language is able to be understand, that is the standard for communication. Else, it is better you to use English now as by time, you will possibly self improved, and there is no shame about this.
I know that my English may be less good (because this language is not my daily language.)
pardon me in this case, and I am happy when there is someone who gives advice to me.